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Workflow Defined Shared Storage

EVO Desktop

Prodigy Desktop

A compact desktop enclosure that accommodates four 2.5” or 3.5″ enterprise edition disks and is ideal for compressed workflows, mobile/field artists, and studios without rack space.

Evo Prodigy rackmount

4 Bay EVO Prodigy

A 16” deep 1RU chassis that accommodates four 2.5” enterprise edition disks and is ideal for DSLR workflows, mobile/field artists, and studios with limited rack space

Ev0 8 bay front

8 Bay EVO Base (2U)

High performance, affordable shared storage expandable up to 24 disk and 18 clients without a switch.

EVO 8 bay short acoustic rack 4U

8Bay 4U

High performance shared storage in a short-depth enclosure ideal for audio racks.

EVO 16bay

EVO 16 Bay EVO Base

More storage, more speed, more flexibility. A fully configured EVO 16 bay system expands to a total of 80 disks and up to 28 clients without an Ethernet or FC switch.

EVO nearline stack

EVO Nearline

EVO Nearline is a secondary networked-storage tier to accommodate large reference libraries, completed projects, and related media before deep archive.

60bay Prodigy 1U

60 Bay + EVO Prodigy

This high-density system packs 60 disks into a 4U chassis, making it an economical choice for large nearline storage capacities up to 600TB, with a smaller footprint.

Sharebrowser Software Screenshot

Sharebrowser Software

ShareBrowser enables all of your users to organize and search for media and projects across EVO storage as well as local, offline, and other network disks.

Sharebrowser Software Screenshot


The highest-performance EVO system ever. Built for the most cutting-edge editorial, compositing, color grading, and finishing workflows

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