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HeavyDuty Mini Converters

Introducing the world's first video converters truly designed for the road

Integrated PSU

Integrated power supply with industrial standard locking PowerCON connector. 

AC Outlet

Built-in Ac Outlet to power additional devices such as projector, TV and laptop.


Rugged and tour ready with a super solid build, recessed and locking connectors to protect against accidental disconnection or damage. 


Unique magnetic stacking system plus a non stick rubber base to securely keep your converters in place

Plug and Play

Simple plug in your cables and the xVision converter will autodetect the signal - No dip switches or complicated configuration menus.


Multiple built-in mounting options including c-clamp, wall mount, and LCD adapters.

See the Difference with xVision Converters

BEfore using xvision messy psu and cables behind the screen Neat image with xvision converter

No need to gaffa tape converters and power bars to the back of monitors. With xVision converter clever magnetic stacking system, threaded clamp mount and strap hooks allow for many safe rigging configurations

With a mess of cables and PSU converters easily become disconnected or damaged while in use. With xVision converter magnetically stack neatly and discretely with industry standard PowerCON connection meaning those tangled nests of 12v PSUs are a thing of the past. 

Before using xvision messy psu and cables Neat image with xvision converter



XVV-SDI2HDMI-TRUE1  -  Easy conversion between professional SDI and consumer HDMI with zero latency and two fully reclocked SDI looping outputs. 


XVV-HDMI2SDI-TRUE1  -   Hassle-free interfacing between consumer HDMI devices and professional SDI infrastructure. Guaranteed to work every time, even with Apple devices!

SDI DA 1:4

XVV-SDIDA-TRUE1  -   Effortless distribution of signal with complete amplication and re-clocking to up to 4 destinations. 

SDI Repeater

XVV-SDI2SDI-TRUE1  -   Full re-clocking and amplification of two dual 3G-SDI lines. Perfect to extend long lines another 100 meters. 

Audio De-Embedder

XVV-SDI2AUDIO-TRUE1  -   SDI to HDMI conversion with audio de-embedding on two balanced Neutrik XLR connectors, and 3-segments LED level meters.

SDI to Fiber ST

XVV-SDI2FIBER-TRUE1  -   SDI to Fiber optic cable. Can be fitted with OpticalCON Duo, Quad, ST or LC connectors, with single mode or multimode fiber support.

Fiber ST to SDI

XVV-FIBER2SDI-TRUE1  -   Fiber optic to SDI. Can be fitted with OpticalCON Duo, Quad, ST or LC connectors, with single mode or multimode fiber support.


XVV-HDMI2HDBT-TRUE1  - Convert HDMI to HDBaseT and transport 4K30 signals and Ethernet over up to 100 meters of CAT6 cable.


XVV-HDBT2HDMI-TRUE1  -  HDBase T Reciever. Convert from HDBAseT on CAtx cable to HDMI.

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