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Wirecast 8.1 Released with exciting new updates and a new destination - Vimeo Live!

Telestream have announced a new updated to their popular streaming software Wirecast. Version 8.1 feature some exciting new updates and a brand new streaming destination - Vimeo Live. 

8.1 - New Features

NEW – Vimeo LIVE destination
NEW – Added the ability to duplicate Shot Layers via Copy and Paste within an existing Shot or as a new
NEW – Added the ability to snap shot Layers to the edges and center lines of other Shot Layers
NEW – Support for 1080p streaming to Facebook Live
NEW – Facebook Live accounts who have been given “Can Post” permissions on another account can now
stream to the primary account’s Events and Groups
NEW – Support for Adobe Photoshop PSD image files
NEW – Added the ability to manually refresh Shot icons by right-click → Refresh Shot Icon
NEW – Now able to map Clear Layer shots to a Keyboard Shortcut for Transitioning

Read all Wirecast 8.1 Fixes and Improvements

On top of the new 8.1 features, Wirecast received the biggest ever update with Wirecast 8 in September 2017! Read on to see all the new features that were brought to Wirecast in v8

NEW - Wirecast Rendezvous | Multi-site production with remote guests
• Easily bring in remote guests without additional hardware or software for the guest
• Send them a link and they can join on a smart device or Chrome/Firefox browser
• Add up to 2 guests in Studio, 7 guests in PRO (Note: Subject to available bandwidth)
• Screen share and Tally lights
• Companion iOS app (Wirecast Go) for mobile guests

NEW - Completely new rendering engine
• Huge performance increases
• (WIN) Upgrade to Direct 3D 11
• Added Z-rotation
• Resize, rotate, and crop handles directly in the Preview Window.
• Asset Snap-to-grid, Guidelines, and Centering.
• Add Reflection and/or Drop Shadow to any source.

NEW - Multi-Viewer Output System
• Support for up to 17 slot multi-viewer output (up to 4 in Studio) to any attached display.
• Send different configurations (1x, 2x, 4x, 10x, 17x) to different monitors.

NEW - Multi-Channel Audio Ingest
• Support for up to 16 channels of input via each connected professional audio interface, each NDI
source, and/or each capture card input with embedded audio.

NEW - Multi-Track Audio Support (Pro only) – up to 8 tracks
• Multi-language streaming.
• Multi-language recordings.
• Isolate audio sources for post-production.
• Behind-the-scenes or other commentary track support.

NEW - Major encoding engine upgrade
• Substantially less system resource usage for most content when encoding with x264.
• Higher quality x264 encoding.
• Tighter bit rate variations when utilizing CBR (constant bit rate).

NEW - Automatic colour space matrix with options for override
• No more washed out looking sources, Wirecast will auto-detect the colour space and apply any
appropriate conversions to maintain colour quality throughout the entire workflow.

NEW - New Transitions
• 23 included live transitions.
• New ‘Smooth’ transition features allow curve types and animation effects like ‘spring’.

NEW - (WIN) Implement WASAPI Audio Capture
• Reduced audio latency and increased channel support compared to Direct Sound.
• Support for newer WASAPI only multi-channel audio devices.

NEW - (WIN) Implement ASIO Audio Ingestion
• Support for the industry standard Windows pro audio API.

NEW - (MAC) Added Syphon client support for Mac
• Improved quality and performance over macOS native functionality when capturing Syphon enabled
apps on macOS (Adobe After effects and Character Animator, Many VJ tools, Unity engine, and many

NEW - New Clock, Timer, and Stopwatch Source
• World clock, time and date functionality - all completely customizable.
• Start, stop, and reset with the click of a mouse.

NEW - Add option to override automatic format detection in capture cards
• Now you can override the automatic detection system and specify the exact setting you need for your

NEW - De-interlacing hot toggle
• De-interlacing can now be toggled per source in the moment. No need to restart the app.

NEW - Add support for .WebM files
• Support for the popular .WebM format when bringing in media files.

NEW - Add support for Sony XAVC-S video format
• Support for the popular XAVC-S format used in Sony cameras.

NEW - Replay - Option to mute audio during playback
• Now, you can set your replay files to include audio, without having to manually mute each replay clip
when used in a live setting with narration. Great for enhancing your post-production workflow.

NEW - Wirecast Go iOS App
• iOS only, updated and improved
• Integrates with Rendezvous natively
• Replaces Wirecast Cam for Lan/Wifi camera use

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