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Studio NDI Release 1.0d Now Available

BirdDog have released Studio NDI firmware version 1.0d. This builds on the initial release in several important ways and is highly recommended for any Studio NDI with a Retail unit.


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Whats included in this release:

  • Embedded Audio over SDI and HDMI
  • Tally border overcast on loop out and cross conversion
  • Cross Conversion improvements
  • General performance optimisations

Embedded Audio
With this release we introduce embedded audio processing in Studio NDI, currently, the first 2 channels will be captured and streamed over NDI as well as through the loop out and cross conversion.

Tally Borders
We have added the ability to enable tally borders on the loop output and cross conversion connections, this means if you have a monitor on your camera you will instantly be able to see if your camera is on program or preview. Of course, if you want a 'clean feed' you can disable this in the web console.

Cross conversion improvements
This release improves on the cross conversion performance in certain video formats and connections.

General performance optimisations
With this update, there are many small improvements that not only make your product more robust but also perform better in more situations!

Free warranty upgrade!
Get a free warranty upgrade from one year to three years simply by registering your product online

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